Bel Ombre Center



Bel Ombre is located in the South-Western part of the island. It is a small, pristine Mauritian fishing village. The KiteGlobing center is at the edge of this town within the C Beach Club, across the Heritage Golf Club, and just next to the 5* Telfair Hotel.

Why Choose This Spot?

Bel Ombre is ideal for beginners, advanced kitesurfers, freestylers, and those with a fable for waves. Families will also love this spot as our kite center is affiliated with the C Beach Club, where various amenities are available: modern changing rooms with warm water, sunbeds, pool, restaurant, bar, associated with an extensive vary of watersport activities.

KiteGlobing offers the latest watersport equipment combined with outstanding service. Furthermore, we organize snorkeling trips or glass-bottom boat tours if you look for a calm and relaxing activity.

However, if you seek more adventure and adrenaline as an advanced kiter, we also regularly offer Downwinder tours from Bel Ombre to Le Morne.

Of course, private storage lockers for your equipment, rescue boats, and start and landing services are available.

Apart from kitesurfing, we offer a variety of other watersports such as windsurfing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddling, or e-paddling.

The Lagoon and Wind Condition

The wind is usually side-onshore - the more eastern the wind, the gustier the launching conditions. On this occasion, you should keep your kite at the 10 o'clock position and walk approx. 10 – 20 meters towards the lagoon before starting to kite.

A belt of reefs surrounds the entire area! Bel Ombre is divided into one wave spot and one large standing area with shallow water. The standing sector is ideal for beginners and encompasses about 700 m x 300m. Please mind wearing shoes to protect the corals and your feet!

Beyond the reef, you will be facing the open sea with waves for advanced kiters. The GKA World Cup takes place in Bel Ombre as well.

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