Lagoon Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre – the ultimate Kite Spot

Bel Ombre is located in the South Western part of the island. It is a small, pristine Mauritian fishing village. Kite spot and KiteGlobing center are not far from the 5* Telfair Hotel and 4.5* Awali Hotel and respectively next to the C Beach Club.


Why choose this spot?

Bel Ombre is the ideal spot for beginners, advanced kitesurfers, freestylers and those with a soft spot for waves. It is the perfect location for freestyle, waves and events. Families too will love this spot as our kite center is within walking distance of the hotels as well as the C Beach Club.

The kite center is affiliated to the C Beach Club, i.e. various amenities are available: changing rooms with warm water, restaurant at the beach, sunbeds, pool, bar, volleyball court, pool table, table tennis, playground etc.

We offer the entire North range at all of our KiteGlobing centers. It is of utmost importance to us that our euqipment is new and well maintained at all times. Storage room, rescue boats and rescue services are available as well. SUP’s are for rent as well. We offer courses for small groups of maximum 2 learners. A booked lesson includes wetsuit, Trapeze and shoes, booked equipment includes Trapeze, Kite and TwinTip Board. The center regularly offers Downwinders from Bel Ombre to Le Morne (experienced kiters only).


The area

The wind is usually sideshore left, sideways onshore. The more Eastern the wind, the gustier the launching conditions. Here, you should go for the 10hrs position with your kite and run approx. 10 – 20 to the lagoon before taking off. The entire area is surrounded by a belt of reefs as most of Mauritius is. Bel Ombre is divided into two areas: one wave spot and a huge standing range with shallow water. The standing range is ideal for beginners and encompasses about 700 m x 300m. Please wear shoes for protection against corals.

Scanning the beach and its surroundings you will see a strip of grass (approx. 20×60). This is where most of our courses are held. Next to it we are facing deep yet turquoise water, ideal for kiting shallow waters or instructing learners from a boat. Here, an 80-meter strip of corals is lining the shore, a red buoy distinguishing it. You can skid over it but shouldn’t jump and avoid at low water. After passing the lagoon, you will be confronted with the reef, which needs close attention when the tide is low. Beyond the reef, you will be facing the open sea with waves for beginners and advanced kiters if headed towards lee (waves comparable to One Eye). Waves between 1 and 4 meters can be found here – ideal for kiters and breaking wave beginners. Please note, that very high swell can entail strong current and that low water requires running deeper into the sea (approx. 30m). As we, KiteGlobing, hold the exclusive right to use this spot, it is never crowded.



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