GKA World Cup Freestyle & Strapless Wave

GKA World Cup Freestyle and Strapless Wave will take place from the 6. –
15.09.2019 at our Center in Bel Ombre.

We as well offer a qualification competition to win a wild card, which
will be held on the 2. + 3.09.2019.


Kitesurf Freestyle & Race Competition

Following last year’s event at Bel Ombre, TAG Heuer decided to kick off a Freestyle & Open Race League this year.

Three contests will take place in different locations in Mauritius.

17th June 2017 – Bel Ombre at the C Beach Club
19th August 2017 – Palmar at the Maritim Crystals Resort
9th September 2017 – Bel Ombre at the C Beach Club —> Finals



Mauritius – Wave Clinics

powered by KiteGlobing & Heritage Resorts Domaine de Bel Ombre

KiteGlobing Mauritius welcomes you to our teaching sessions especially designed to focus on kitesurfing the waves. Mauritius is ideal for kitesurfers beginning to learn surfing the waves. With wave clinics we are targeting kitesurfers with experience in shallow water who want to reach another professional dimension of kitesurfing. Max, our wave pro, will be your coach introducing you to new techniques enabling you to surf the waves safely. The pure pristine feeling of surfing a wave is incredibly addictive. We will show you how to do it.




Our Downwinder starts at the KiteGlobing Center in Bel Ombre and winds up at the famous kite spot Le Morne. You will surf many awesome kite spots in just one kite session, a wonderful experience for every kite surfer travelling to Mauritius.



Junior Camp

KiteGlobing Mauritius welcomes you to our teaching sessions customized to meet teens’ and kids’ needs.

Mauritius is ideal for learning how to kitesurf or for improving your skills. Our events are adjusted to kitesurf newcomers wanting to learn it from scratch or advanced learners with ambition. Licensed KiteGlobing instructors will teach you everything you need to know about weather and how to deal with it as well as the newest kitesurf equipment. Our sessions will be held in groups of children from age 8 and 17 years.