Our Downwinder starts at the KiteGlobing Center in Bel Ombre and winds up at the famous kite spot Le Morne. You will surf many awesome kite spots in just one kite session, a wonderful experience for every kite surfer travelling to Mauritius.



We will meet at the KiteGlobing Center at C Beach Club. Here, team and guests will prepare the equipment together. Before we surf off, the guests are briefed on the downwinder route and preventive measures. Once everything is settled we will kick off the „downwinder“. One rescue boat and skipper, one chaperoning kite teacher, kite surfers from various countries and most likely a few dolphins will be part of the tour. On tour we will have a beautiful view of the Mauritian southern coast be it from the lagoon or from the reef. Our trip will last up to 3 hours (90 mins waterborne) but if you stay until the end of the course you will be rewarded with snacks, drinks and a boat ride back to the Center in Bel Ombre!



  1. surfing back and forth safely in calm and choppy waters
  2. run height
  3. lose height skillfully
  4. bodydrag
  5. taking off & landing
  6. relaunch in water



  • information and registration:
  • minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 Kite surfers in one trip
  • please liaise with Max on location
  • day and time of class will be determined contingent upon wind, water level and number of attendees



The fee is contingent upon the number of attendees. Please inquire.



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