Numbers & Facts

2000 km², 65km length, 47km width
Capital City:
Port Louis
Official language:
Local language:
Creole and French
1,2 Mio.

Mauritius local time

24 hours range:


Mauritius is an insular state in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, approximately 900km east of Madagascar. The Seychelles islands are in the north from Mauritius and the French oversea-departement La Réunion is located in the south-west. The 2510m² small island is only 180km away and can be seen in the horizon from the Mauritian mountain tops. The African east coast, the nearest continent, is more than 2000km away.


After being discovered by the Portuguese in 1505, Mauritius was governed by the Dutch, the French and the British, until it became independent in 1968. Through a stable democracy, regular free elections and high regards for the Human Rights, Mauritius could attract a significant amount of investments. Its capital income is one of the highest in Africa.

Economy and Tourism

More than half of the island’s land is used to grow sugar cane and 90% of the produced sugar is being exported. These facts make the sugar line the biggest employer and provider for foreign currencies. The second important source of income is the textile production for the world market, followed by the tourism industry.

Population and Religion

Almost 70% have Indian roots, 75% of them are Hindus and 25% Muslims. Only 4% of the total population are descendants of the original French settlers and 1% are from British families that settled down after their Empire conquered the island.

Wardrobe and Equipment

The best clothing for this island is light cotton clothing. December to April is the hottest time on Mauritius and the less you wear, the more comfortable you will feel. During the Mauritian winter you might wear long sleeves or sweat shirts with light long pants for the evening or the night times. But the most important clothing you have to wear is your sunhat and not to forget the sun glasses. Kitersurfers should wear neoprene shoes throughout the year and a short wetsuits during the winter time.
There are mosquitos on Mauritius so it might be better to bring some protection or another option is to get some in a supermarket or drug store.

Internet Cafés

Mauritius has discovered the software production as a new source of income. Therefore the use of the World Wide Web is excellent. Almost all of the hotels have Internet access, some of them even wireless. All internet cafés are found in Port Louis and other tourist places. The costs are approximately 1-2€ per hour.


The line voltage on Mauritius is 230 Volt.

Banking & Business Hours

Banking: Monday to Friday: 09.30am-o2.30pm, Saturday: 09.30am-11.30pm
Shops: Monday to Friday: 09.30am-05.00pm, Saturday: 09.00am-12.00pm
Governmental Offices: Monday to Friday: 09.00am-04.00pm, Saturday: 09.00am-12.00pm


Official currency: 1 Rupee (100 Cents)
Today’s Exchange Rate:


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