In all our centers we offer a storage & rescue service.

Such service includes a box for storing your equipment in our center. Our beach assistants will be at your services at the beach at any time. They will assist you in taking off and landing the kite and will look after your safety. When in trouble on the sea, we will come to your rescue with our rescue boat.

Please note that this service is an emergency only service (problems with the equipment, no wind or accidents) and not to collect downwind kiters. In the event that we have to collect you due to poor kiting skills, we will charge you 5,- € for each collection service after the second collection. Saving people has priority before saving your equipment. We do not assume responsibility for lost or broken kitesurf equipment.

The rescue service covers the lagoon only.

Kite lovers kiting the wave beyond the riff are doing so at their own risk. Under certain circumstances our rescue boat is not able to pass the channel, thus we cannot rescue kiters outside the reef. During each course and event an experienced kite instructor will be there to monitor you. A rescue boat will be around as well.

We offer the following storage & rescue packages:

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For rescue service without storage we charge a daily fee of 10,- € / person.

Please note our General Terms and Conditions.