Pre booking

Please transfer the 50% deposit to one of the bank accounts written on the pdf–price list. As soon as we receive your payment, we will send a confirmation receipt. Please pay the excess amount independently according to the date on the invoice, as you will not receive any requests. If the total payment has not been made one week before arrival, the place price will appear, and you will need to schedule a new time for your booked services.

In case of short-term payments (short-term bookings), please send us the proof of payment (bank confirmed/bank transfer statement) by e-mail to ensure a timely reservation. Also, please take care when transferring money abroad that you have to bear the fees for transfers.

Please note the general conditions at KiteGlobing (Mauritius) Kite & More Ltd: In case of bad weather, e.g., no wind, no waves, cyclone, etc., we will not refund the payment. Instead, we will give you a voucher for the excess amount valid for two years. On site, it is also possible to change your booked services for any other KiteGlobing offering activities, for example: dolphin tours, other boat tours, wakeboard, surf, SUP, etc., as well as purchase, your kitesurf equipment in our shop.


Booked services must be canceled via e-mail at the particular watersport center/administration.

The following conditions apply for cancellations:

- cancellation before 7 days of arrival; you will receive a voucher for over 50% of the deposit

- between 7 days and one day before arrival: you will receive a voucher for your 100% pre-payment

- No-shows will be charged at 100%.

Registration and cancellation of the contract

A course participant must be in the best of health. He/she must be able to swim for at least 15 minutes without any support. The instructor may suspend a student from the course if he/she behaves dangerously or disturbs. In this case, KiteGlobing will not refund any money.


KiteGlobing takes no responsibility for property damages, injuries, theft, and non-delivery. This regulation also applies to the lockers, where guests can store their belongings.

Safety rules

The beneficiary of this contract has to adhere to all orders given by the staff of KiteGlobing. He/she has to follow the international right of way. Watersports are not permitted in the swimming area nearby the hotels.

Every kitesurfer has to keep a safe distance of at least 50 meters to others, especially to beginners. Jumping with a kite at a distance of 50m and less to the beach is prohibited. The rescue boat operates only inside the lagoon and not behind the reef, as the water outside has a lot of current and waves. Guests who like to kite inside the waves do this at their own risk.

Violating any of these rules will entitle KiteGlobing to cancel this contract without refunding money.


Usually, a kitesurf lesson starts at 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, or 3:00 pm. If the practical part of the course cannot take place because of too much (>25 kn) or too little (<12 kn) wind, the class will be rescheduled or replaced with a voucher that has a similar value. KiteGlobing is not obligated to refund the course fee if a customer wants to quit class due to personal reasons.

Equipment Rental

Until 5:00 pm, the tenant is obliged to return any rental gear. If the tenant is not sufficiently skilled to handle the rental equipment, KiteGlobing will refuse the rental. The renter is allowed to cancel the contract and to keep the rental fee. The tenant is liable for self-inflicted damages and must pay on its own. He/she has to report any damage when returning the gear. The KiteGlobing staff is doing a daily maintenance of the rental equipment. However, the tenant is obliged to check the rental equipment thoroughly before each use. In case of damage, we keep the right to charge for the repair/replacement of the material.


The KiteGlobing insurance is obligatory to book and covers damages during the usage of equipment. For damages over 300 € the tenant must pay the difference. Loss of gear has to be paid and is not covered by the insurance.

Severability clause

Suppose any provision of these policies and regulations or applications to any person or circumstances is held invalid. In that case, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of these policies and regulations, which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application. To this end, the provisions of these policies and regulations are severable.

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