Kitesurfing depending on country and the language spoken, is also known as kiteboarding and flysurfing. Windsurfers, paraglider, snow- and skateboarder-they all are attracted more and more to kitesurfing.

Although kitesurfing is a trend and often subject to the media, not everybody has an idea how to exercise this sport. The kiter stands on a board, which may differ in size, shape and colour. From wake- to surfboard any uplifting instrument is used. Fun and taste is the primary reason a board is choosen.

The kiter uses the force of the kite, which depends on the wind speed and weight of the kiter, to be pulled over the water. The kiter is steering and controlling himself. A trapeze around the hips connects him with the control bar and the 25m long ropes at which the kite is connected. Over the years additional security systems have been developed, which are standards on newer kites. These have enormous differences depending on the brand. The security innovations on the kite and the control bar were and still are the main reason, why this sport can be exercised by everybody and is so successful.


Kiten als Trendsport in Afrika

Diplomarbeit “Soziologische Untersuchung des Trendsport Kitesurfen”:
by Kathrin Kühnert (2009). Bei Interesse zu erwerben für 15,- €
Table of contents & sample (PDF, german)