SUP - Stand up paddle"

SUP (Stand Up Paddling)

The new trend on the water will thrill you and Bel Ombre is the ideal spot for this new sport!

Whether you are up for relaxed tours across the flat lagoon or you prefer some action and fun in the waves around the reef, there is something for everybody.

Miete Board & Paddle
Term: Price in €:
1 hour 15,-
2 hours 25,-
6 hours 50,-
10 hours 75,-





The traditional water-sport that always keeps the mood up. For decades this sport has fascinated and influenced people in an almost spiritual way. Of course it had to become part of KiteGlobing.

We are very lucky to have great surf spots just around the corner, which are not crowded and will let you catch any wave you want. The spots, Ilot Sancho and Maconde are ideal for beginners as well as for advanced surfers.

The water is not too deep or too shallow and the waves are perfect for surfing. If you are a beginner, advanced surfer or a pro, our team is able to take you to the right spot for your preferences either by boat or by car. Our Team can guide and teach you so you will be able to enjoy this cool sport to the fullest.

Surf Lesson &  Rental
Term Price in €
2 hours Lesson 50,-
2 hours Rental 30,-


Credit card + 2.75% bank charge
America Express + 4.9% bank charge
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