Bel Ombre

Written by Surf & Action (Traveling Agency):

Bel Ombre – the ultimate Kite Spot 

Bel Ombre is located in the south-west of Mauritius and is still a very original, small, and typical fisher-place. The kite spot as well as the KiteGlobing Center is located at the end of Bel Ombre in the Lee of the 5 star Hotel Telfair as well as the 4.5 star Hotel Awali, right next to the C-Beach Club. The Center is led by Kathrin Kühnert from Germany and her mauritian husband Maxell Ernest. Kathrin and Maxell are passionate kite surfers themselves and they do everything to make any guest feel like home. Every guest is welcomed with an unbelievable cordiality.


Kathrin at TelfairHotel
Why is it the best out of many top kite surf spots:

The Spot is multifaceted and therefore suited for beginners, advanced kite-surfers and anything in between. The spacious lagoon has flat water as well as waves further out at the reef. This is a perfect spot even for families, with a distance of only a few steps from the Hotels and the Center where you can find the C Beach Club that has everything ranging from a pool with sun-beds to very nice facilities.

The Kite Center is attached to the C Beach Club with everything you could ask for: Very clean changing rooms with warm water, a beach restaurant, beach loungers, a pool, a bar, table tennis equipment, a Volleyball court and much more.

Regarding the Kite surf material, KiteGlobing offers the complete equipment from North and it is always taken care of new and good material. Plenty of storage space, a rescue boat & service are available as well.
Even surfing and  the new trend Stand Up Paddle can be done for a small fee or even free of charge for the Kite surf guests.

Kiting conditions:

When the wind blows side-shore from the left, it is the best to take the kite on the 10pm position and walk 10-20meters into the lagoon before you start. The entire area is surrounded by a reef belt which is typical for Mauritius.The same happens in Bel Ombre where it is separated into a wave spot and a very large area to stand. This standing area is perfectly suited for beginners and is around 700mx 300m big. Unfortunately there are also a few Corals, thus the best would be to wear shoes. From the beach one is able to see a slightly darker long stretched line, about 20x60m long, which is grass. This area is mainly for the teaching lessons. This part is followed by a turquoise part, where the water is somewhat deeper, perfect for kiters at low tide or for the teaching from the boat. In this area (the luv) there is an approximately 80m long and 8m wide line with corals that is marked with a red buoy. Kiters can go over it but are not suppose to jump or pass in low tide conditions.

After the 300m long lagoon is passed, the kiter has to pay attention in low tide conditions because the reef begins. Behind this reef is the open ocean with wave conditions for beginners and there are also conditions for advanced kiters more in Lee direction (wave is comparable to One Eye).
At this spot one can surf waves that are from 1m up to 4m in height. It is a perfect area for a good kiter and kiters that start doing surging billows. Be aware that the waves are quite high and it can come to a strong current.
At low tide, one has to walk out about 80m. Due to KiteGlobings exclusive rights for this spot, it is never over crowded and there is a lot of space on the water most of the time.

Sometimes we do trips to other spots like the small island of “Ile aux Benitiers”, in the middle of a 10km² knee deep lagoon. It is another perfect kite spot with north eastern wind. It is unoccupied, protected and without infrastructure. The island can be easily reached by boat.