Notre Station mobile à Le Morne actuellement disponible uniquement sur ​​demande.

Marvin, Le Morne


One of the most popular teaching lagoons for Kitesurfing is waiting for you in Le Morne, a standing deep and vast lagoon located on the luv side of the RIU Hotels. In Le Morne the Passat wind is blowing sidehore from the left slightly onshore into the lagoon which is surrounded by a vast reef with the size of approximately 700 x 700 m at the peak of the Hotel beach. There are several rock and coral areas that are visible and should be avoided while kitesurfing, another reason why we always recommend to wear the protecting Kitesurfing shoes. Directly behind the first reef (inside reef) are the reef waves that can be up to 3 meters high- a perfect spot for the more advanced Kitesurfers with a relatively stump reef with about 1m depth. A little bit further out, about 2km away, there is the outside reef called Manawa where the waves can get up to 5m high. This wavespot is perfect for advanced Kiters with a 2m deep reef.

Furthermore, more on the Lee side, there is the popular Kitespot called “OneEye”, one of the places with the cleanest waves in the entire indian ocean. But this spot should be enjoyed with caution and it is only recommended for absolute freaks and wave specialists in Kitesurfing due to the flat, quick and powerful break of the wave. This means that a small mistake can end up in a bad rendezvous with the reef.

Please pay attention: Always listen to the advice of the Centers coordinator. When the low tide arrives the water can be too shallow at times and the board can eventually touch the reef in some cases. All 3 spots have powerful “Dünungswaves”. Especially around the reef and close to the channels (openings) the spot is not too underestimate. There are very strong currents in connection with a huge swell on 10 – 15% of the surfing days within one year. These conditions are also too extreme for the motor operated boats that are always prepared for the rescues. Thus most rescue attempts are impossible. Our recommendation for the wave freaks in Manawa: Rent a fisher including a Boat (15 € per day) that accompanies you the entire day, as long as the conditions are not too hard.

Mobile Station

Currently we are not operating in Le Morne. Please give us a call for any further information.

Special Service

For guests that book Kitematerial or Rescue Service with KiteGlobing have the opportunity to use the service at the Spot of Palmar and Bel Ombre for the same price.